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Connector-Anchor Selector

The Connector-Anchor Selector is a quick and easy tool that determines the required embedment depth of a Simpson Strong-Tie® anchoring solution when used with a Simpson Strong-Tie holdown or post base product. The embedment depth is determined based on predefined or custom edge conditions. The tool also allows for custom ASD tension load input.

Version 1.0

Connector Anchor Selector Video Tutorial
Select installation method

Anchor Design Information

Please select a seismic design category
Please select a foundation type

For Seismic Design Category C-F, please Select a Cast-in-Place installation method or refer to our latest Anchoring & Fastening Systems Catalog for high seismic anchorage solutions.

Please select the edge distance
Please select the concrete strength

Edge Distances
Input up to 4 edge distances in inches for consideration in the determination of anchor embedment. Enter nothing or a value larger than 36 inches to not consider the edge.

Please enter a valid number for Edge 1
Please enter a valid number for Edge 2
Please enter a valid number for Edge 3
Please enter a valid number for Edge 4

Connector Information

Please select a connector
Please select species

Tension Load Information

Please an ASD tension load
Please a valid number for the tension load
Please an anchor diameter

  Calculation Results

Anchor Selector

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